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Samantha Kelly Jewellery - Ametrine and Diamond Pendant

Ametrine and Diamond Pendant

Category: Necklaces (over $5,000) | Design: Handmade | Value: $7,500

Handmade 18ct two tone Art Deco style pendant featuring 25ct ametrine centre stone surrounded by amethyst, citrines and diamonds.

Samantha Kelly Jewellery - Rhodolite Garnet Diamond Dress Ring

Rhodolite Garnet and Diamond Dress Ring

Category: All Rings (over $5,000) | Design: Handmade | Value: $6,500

Handmade 9ct two tone intricate dress ring set with rhodolite garnets and diamonds. Featuring detailed filigree sides and hand engraved decoration.

Samantha Kelly Jewellery - Masquerade Mask

Masquerade Mask

Category: Accessories (over $5,000) | Design: Handmade | Value: $15,500

Handmade 9ct rose gold and silver intricate filigree masquerade mask set with cubic zirconia and featuring interchangeable feathers.