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The Erotic Jewellery Co - Chopsticks on Rest

Chopsticks On Rest

CATEGORY: Art piece | DESIGN: Handmade | VALUE: $182,000 | DESIGNER: Paul Amey

Chopsticks: by Master Goldsmith Paul Amey, designed and handcrafted from 18ct yellow gold, platinum, diamonds and pearls. The chopsticks have mother of pearl tips and are extensively embellished with platinum overlay onto the gold background. The principal chopstick has a “tassel” with a south sea pearl, 16.2mm x 22mm, weighing 3.2 grams, and is suspended on 18ct yellow gold triple chain with diamond embellishments. All settings on the background chenier, including the parvé, and mother of pearl tips were crafted by Paul.

Diamond list: 2 x marquis F VS equaling 27pts; 2 x round brilliant EF SI equaling 44pts; 2 x marquis F VS equaling 47pts; 2 x pear F VS equaling 69pts; 1 x 51pt E SI1; round brilliant set in end with 8 x 8pt, 11 x 5pt, 11 x 3pt, 19 x 2pt, 44 x 1pt round brilliant, 3 x yellow colour enhanced princess cut equaling 44pts; assorted Argyle diamonds equaling 79pts; assorted small Argyle diamonds equaling 35pts. The gold weight is 58 grams, plus a platinum weight of 31.64 grams, taking over 260 hours to complete.

Rest: also by Paul, is made from natural ebony, overlaid with 18ct yellow gold, platinum, diamonds and south sea pearls with a hand carved mother of pearl leaf, overlaid on an 18ct yellow gold leaf background. The overlay is removable by detaching the base pearl, which is 9.4mm x 14.4mm weighing 1.8 grams, which can then be worn as a pendant.

Diamond list: 1 x 38pt round brilliant Argyle type; 12 x 1pt, 2 x 5pt, 6 x 3pt, 4 x 2pt round brilliant white diamonds equaling 26pts; 6 x 1pt green colour enhanced round. Total weight 48.2 grams, taking over 80 hours to complete.

These fine examples are what 50 years of design and manufacturing can achieve.

All are housed in a custom-made, cherry wood display box with brass trim and leather.

The making of the chopsticks can be viewed at Paul Amey’s website under “Making of a Master Piece”. Visit or call (08) 9525 4220 or 0437 231 921 for more information.

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