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Gerard McCabe Jewellers: Echunga Christmas Rush PendantEchunga Christmas Rush Pendant

CATEGORY: Pendant (over $5,000) | DESIGN: Handmade & CAD Assist | VALUE: $9,495

This stunning Echunga Christmas Rush diamond floral pendant has been designed to celebrate the exquisite depth of colour in these natural diamonds. Created with three tones of 18ct gold and superb, gentle curves, the leaves and flowers on this piece appear as if they are swaying to a gentle breeze. In Gerard McCabe’s Echunga Collection every
coloured diamond is unique.

This pendant is named after the goldfield in which the Echunga diamonds were discovered.

Gerard McCabe Jewellers : Echunga Foreshaw RingEchunga Foreshaw Ring

CATEGORY: All Rings (over $5,000) | DESIGN: Handmade & CAD Assist | VALUE: $29,995

In Gerard McCabe’s Echunga collection, every diamond is unique. This ring has been designed to celebrate the miracle of colour, with an organic floral design that connects the wearer to the beauty of nature. This Echunga Foreshaw Ring features a stunning collection of natural coloured diamonds. The 1.01 carat centre gem is independently certified. The floral arrangement is complemented with pear shaped coloured diamonds, fine white marquise diamonds and round diamonds in both white and exquisite pink colours.

The ring is crafted in 18ct white and yellow gold. It is named about Robert Foreshaw who was reportedly the first person to discover diamonds in Echunga in the Adelaide Hills. He discovered a yellow diamond in March 1859. The Adelaide Observer reported this gem to the the size of a small pea.

This exclusive collection features timeless jewellery inspired by the mystery and folklore of the rare, Echunga diamonds. No two diamonds are alike, Echunga is a collection like no other.

Gerard McCabe Jewellers : Trinity Rose Solitaire Diamond Engagement RingTrinity Rose Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

CATEGORY: Engagement Rings (up to $5,000) | DESIGN: CAD Assist | VALUE: $4,895

Inspired by Gerard McCabe’s Fleur De Lis collection, this ring features an array of patterns and shapes. The intricate detailing draws inspiration from the Australia flower Boronia Molloyae, which is very similar to the rose. The Trinity Rose ring incorporates a rose filigree pattern which adds a subtle and beautiful flourish to this classic ring style.
Roses represent love, which makes this design a beautiful symbol for the message of love and a truly meaningful proposal. The claws are designed based on organic shapes, all gently connected to each other. The claw of one diamond is holding the other stones too. It looks as if you take one out, the rest of the combination will fall apart. Similar to people who love each other, their connection to one another is the secret to their strength and sparkle.

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