Bastian Inverun Silver

Bastian Inverun SilverJewellery for eternity…

Exceptional design and manufacturing quality are the hallmarks of the German jewellery
brand, Bastian Inverun. Since its beginnings in the Hanseatic city of Bremen in 1974,
Bastian has been creating unique pieces with great devotion, always with a view to the
personal style and individuality of the women who wear it.

Our name captures that very spirit. inverun is derived from several Latin words that
translate to “precious, genuine and unique”. These are the guiding principles in the
creation of our jewellery. Only natural elements including colourful semi-precious gems,
freshwater pearls and sumptuous sterling silver are what you’ll discover in our productions. The result is timeless jewellery to stir your emotions. Wear it with love, pride and pure “joie de vivre”
Bastian Inverun Silver
Look for Bastian Inverun in your nearest high quality jewellery store or gallery. You can
also see our Stockists Page.

P.O. Box 4420 North Rocks NSW
PH: (02) 9630 6619
FAX: (02) 9630 6679

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