Jason Ree

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Jason Ree - WhirlWhirl

Jason Ree & Katie Law

Category: Opals (up to $5,000) | Design: Handmade | Value: $5,000

Australian Black Opal with Mokume Gane hand sculptured band. Metals consist of Platinum 950, Palladium 500 & Argentium Silver 935.

Jason Ree - Sea Foam Necklace

Sea Foam Necklace

Category: Bridal Jewellery (up to $5,000) | Design: Handmade | Value: $4,850

Neckpiece set with a variety of Tourmalines surrounded by spherical silver bubble, the chain can disconnect to form a choker necklace.

Jason Ree - Thunder from the Sky

Thunder from the Sky

Category: All Rings (over $5,000) | Design: Cad Assist | Value: $18,000

Platinum & diamond ring with Argyle pink diamonds & pink sapphires.

Jason Ree - Axis Ring

Axis Ring

Category: Engagement Rings (over $5,000) Design: Cad Assist Value: $11,000

18ct white gold ring with 0.50ct Princess cut diamond with true suspension setting.

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