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Ian Sharp Jewellery - “Tripler Rose Collier” Pink Diamond Necklace“Tripler Rose Collier” Pink Diamond Necklace

Category: Necklaces : Pink Diamond | Design: Handmade | Value: $1,000,000

Ian Sharp Jewellery works with Arkion to find stones that are either one of a kind or extremely rare. The stones are then made into unique, rare pieces of art to be worn and shown to the rest of the world.

At Ian Sharp we love the wow factor and want to ensure our clients are happy with the pieces and that they can wear it as well.

We have named the necklace “Tripler Rose Collier” which is French and is translated to “Triple Pink Necklace” in English.

Our in-house jewellers designed and created the ring after finding these three beautiful stones. The necklace is made from 18k white gold with round brilliant diamonds around the pink diamonds. The three Pink diamonds are: 1.29ct Pear Shaped Fancy Intense Purple Pink SI2 GIA; 0.81ct Heart Shaped Fancy Intense Pink SI2 GIA (3P-SI1) 0.58ct Emerald Shaped Fancy Intense Purplish Pink VS1 GIA (2PP-SI1).

This piece was specifically designed for our client by our team and hand made by our jewellers and the diamonds were sourced by Arkion. We know that the owner of this unique necklace will enjoy the piece and know that it is more than just a piece of jewellery. “It is an investment for the future as well as a rare piece of beauty.”

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