Bygone Brilliance

Keshett is a brand that understands past and present – and knows how to combine the best of both worlds. By Eliarne Iezzi.

Bygone Brilliance
Jewellery // Keshett Jewellers          Image // Anthony Masci

Walking into Keshett Jewellers I find myself instantly transported from the busy Melbourne city street to a time of forgotten glamour and romance. Keshett is a brand that has transcended time and trends. Bringing together ancient elements of Egyptian finery with the eclectic boldness of the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s Art Deco era and the daring cosmopolitanism of modern design. Keshett has created something unashamedly unique.
“Whether it be modern or vintage… when people come in here they are faced with something different,” says owner Paula Keshett. Rare diamonds and coloured gems from all corners of the world, fashioned into stunning rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, give Keshett its one-of-a-kind enigma. Each and every piece boasting the same uniqueness as the story behind it.

With 30 years brand heritage it’s hard to believe Paula wasn’t always passionate about jewellery, or that in fact she didn’t even like it that much. Originally in children’s wear, it wasn’t until the Keshett family took over a friend’s second-hand jewellery store, that Paula’s destiny was recognised.

It began with an $800 gold chain, “I was surprised what people would buy, so we started buying and selling second-hand jewellery,” Paula says. Her love for vintage jewellery however, took a little longer to be realised. “My beginnings were as a immigrant in 1953, they used to put us in old houses in Carlton… so I used to think of vintage as old and horrible because of my youth… It’s only when I started buying second-hand that I began to appreciate them, because of their work and because they were so different,” she says.
Keshett began branching out from second-hand jewellery, with Paula going to overseas jewellery fairs to source pieces. Following her heart more than her head, Paula’s natural instinct came to the forefront. “I began to buy what I really liked rather than what I thought really sold and I started to gain a following. People started coming into the shop to look at these incredible pieces I sourced from all over the world,” she says. Her unique talent introduced her to her life’s passion.

Keshett prides itself on providing jewels that carry timeless quality and iconic appeal, perfectly fusing classic and contemporary. As a hands on buyer and participant, Paula travels the globe to source only the pieces that perfectly represent the Keshett image, with particular emphasis on jewellery collections capturing the drama and elegance of yesteryear, often celebrated in the Art Deco, Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Victorian periods.
Keshett is also the exclusive Australian distributor for award-winning American designer, Sheldon Speyer who creates remarkable pieces from custom-made 1920s moulds.
“I look for uniqueness, wearability, affordability and timelessness – something you can hand down to your children. A wearable collectable,” Paula says. Each piece, whether an opulent Art Deco ring or an elegant string of pearls, is intricately and meticulously finished. “It’s my passion – I often shed tears. You get a gorgeous couple that come in here and there’s something special about them. I enjoy the experience – I love what I do,” Paula says, her eyes sparkling just as much as the diamonds in front of her.

Keshett Jewellers has one hundred per cent dedication to their customer, evident not only in the remarkable pieces they offer, but the teams’ in-depth knowledge and passion. “The joy I get from finding something that is special and different and the joy I get when I sell it to a beautiful person that really appreciates and loves it, is very, very rewarding, it’s beyond business, it’s something I love,” Paula says. Even going as far to offer a full refund to her customers to ensure the purchaser and purchase are ‘meant to be’. “I want your experience to be a special one,” Paula says.

Keshett Jewellers boasts an unmistakeable creativity that transcends time and passing trends, each piece an expression of artistry and exclusivity.
Keshett truly captures the spirit of our time.

To find something uniquely yours, head to the Keshett showroom located at 323-325 Little Collins Street, Melbourne. Phone (03) 9654 1514 or visit for
further information.

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