Making Magic With Ralf Fisch

From humble beginnings in Ralf’s dining room to the established jewellery store and workshop the team now work out of, it’s impossible not to recognise the stellar growth Ralf Fisch Jewellery have experienced over the past 15 years.

Making Magic With Ralf Fisch
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“With a young, growing family, Ralf felt the need to work closer to home and being in the actual family home was a great starting point,” recalls Francine Fisch. So in 2000 Ralf decided to set up shop in the dining room. It was a matter of relocating the dining suite, pulling up the carpet and installing a jewellery bench before Ralf’s dream reached fruition.
Ralf’s innate ability to hand make custom pieces and vividly translate his client’s vision into reality saw the company grow from strength to strength. As the workload increased Ralf moved into a store close to his home – the same store that he and his team work from to this day.

Part of the magic that is Ralf Fisch Jewellery is their desire to not only create a treasured piece of jewellery but to also offer their clients a unique localised experience that is tailored to their needs. “We are different to most jewellers on many levels,” explains Francine.

“Principally, our jewellery is hand made on the premises, with the designer and jeweller either being one in the same, or working side by side. But more importantly, we make each piece of jewellery according to the wishes of our clients. Our principal aim is for our clients to be ecstatic with us, our work practice and the piece of jewellery that we’ve made for them.”

For Ralf Fisch Jewellery, the feelings that are provoked in their clients during the process and the final piece is the true measure of success. “We want clients to enjoy the process! Too many couples come to me after having dealt with jewellers who don’t listen or who don’t make or sell quality jewellery. The excitement of their engagement and the splendour of their engagement ring is often marred. We start afresh with these couples, giving them a positive and enjoyable experience…and the ring of their dreams on their finger!”

When it comes to creating custom pieces, Ralf Fisch Jewellery centres on three key areas: quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and timeless appeal. “Apart from the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that personifies the work ethic of Ralf Fisch, he has a seemingly timeless style. As each piece of jewellery is handmade for a specific purpose and client, we hope that they will wear and enjoy their item of jewellery for a very long period of time.”

In addition to creating every piece on site, which is a rarity in the jewellery industry, Ralf utilises the relationships and contacts he has established in his 30 years within the jewellery industry to offer his clients the best possible quality. “Where possible, Ralf likes to support local state and interstate suppliers. But, in the event that they are unable to fulfil our requirements, Ralf will search worldwide to attain the quality of materials required to make each piece of jewellery,” explains Francine.

With over 15 years brand heritage, Ralf Fisch still finds inspiration and motivation in the day-to-day dealings of the business. “The opportunity to come up with innovative designs for new and existing clients, to further morph these designs from sketches on a piece of paper to an extraordinary piece of jewellery is truly both artistically and professionally fulfilling.”

“After the design and manufacture process is complete, the moment that the client is presented with their highly anticipated piece of jewellery has to be the most rewarding part of my job. The sheer delight, elation, awe and even tears of joy that clients express during this time is what I take home with me and share with my family at the end of the day.”

For a truly memorable piece visit Ralf and the team at 1315 Mountain Highway, The Basin VIC, call (03) 9762 6953 or head to

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