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6 wise tips to remember when selecting your wedding accessories.

6 tips to remember when selecting your wedding accessories.
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1. Don’t upstage the dress

Don’t get carried away with layers of extravagant jewels, the focus should remain on your dress. Apply the advice of ‘less is more’ in this situation. Your accessories should complement your dress, not overpower it.

2. Avoid trends

Circle this piece of advice and then go over it in a fluorescent highlighter. When it comes to your wedding style, avoid trends. While it may seem enticing to copy the latest catwalk trends you need to keep in mind that these are seasonal. What is on trend in spring will be old news by summer. Your wedding pictures will last a lifetime and you don’t want to cringe over your fashion choices for years to come. Choose something that is flattering for your figure and is a classic style, that way you won’t be able to put a foot wrong.

3. Consider coloured accessories

It’s easy to get swept up in neutral tones when it comes to your big day attire. Neutral tones go with everything, are timeless and look elegant. However they can also be limiting. Don’t pigeonhole yourself; give yourself a wide berth to include coloured accessories as well. After all, a sparkling sapphire could be exactly what you need to enhance your eyes or add life to your ivory gown.

4. Work with your skin tone

Remember that different metals suit different skin tones. What looked amazing on your fair-toned friend may not translate on an olive complexion. If you’re not sure what works for your tone, ask a jeweller – they have a wealth of experience and knowledge in
this area.

5. Don’t buy accessories before the dress

This is a steadfast rule and should be strictly adhered to. Accessories are the icing on the cake, not the entire cake! It’s impossible to know whether a single strand of pearls or diamond drop earrings will work with your dress if you have no idea if it’ll be a high neck or deep V neckline. To be safe, hold off on accessories shopping until you’ve paid the deposit on your gown.

6. Think beyond the big day

If you’re going to purchase new accessories for your wedding, try and think of it as a long-term investment. Choose pieces that are true to your style so you’ll be happy to wear them again after the big day. If the idea of wearing your special wedding jewellery on a regular day doesn’t sit right with you, try saving them as sentimental pieces to wear
on anniversaries.

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