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Bianca Mangion celebrates the unique beauty of coloured gemstone jewellery.

Express yourself
Jewellery // Catanach’s      Image // Tord Johnston

It begins with the staples that every woman must possess – a sizeable diamond ring (engagement or right hand); simple, elegant diamond studs; a gleaming, cultured pearl necklace; the solid gold bracelet or bangle – but no enviable jewellery collection is complete without a beautiful array of coloured-stone pieces to match one’s mood, taste and whimsy. Often these jewels are reflective of the wearer’s unique personality and experiences, making them intensely personal purchases.

With a deep appreciation of the joy that jewels can bring to their lives, passionate jewellery aficionados everywhere crave creations that vividly reflect their personal style, personality and life experiences, and nothing expresses individuality more than a precious piece crafted from coloured gemstones.

Perhaps this is because coloured gems are available in an astonishing spectrum of shades, each speaking to the uniqueness of a woman’s personality and each resonating with her accordingly. The colour itself is not important; colour reflects individuality. As Coco Chanel once said, “The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.”

A woman classic in style will be most drawn to the calm clarity of aquamarine, the bold passion of ruby, the mysterious depth of sapphire, the elegant richness of emerald, the spirituality of amethyst, the sunny cheer of citrine, the energising freshness of peridot or the romantic femininity of pink topaz.

Those who seek unconventional chic might desire the unrestrained merriment of opal, the wild earthiness of jasper, the honeyed sensuality of amber, the free spirit of turquoise or the soft sweetness of rose quartz.

Express Yourself - Mark Evans Fine Jewellery
Jewellery // Mark Evans Fine Jewellery       Image // Tord Johnston

Mark Evans of Mark Evans Fine Jewellery in Maroochydore, Queensland suggests shoppers in search of coloured gemstone jewellery should undertake some research on the gems they fancy.

“Whether it be tourmalines, sapphires, emeralds or rubies, there is a vast colour palate of natural and beautiful gemstones available so their choice has to be absolutely correct,” he says. “This means the design has to compliment the choice of gemstones to be used in the piece.”

To own a coloured gemstone is to express a certain sense of confidence and self-assurance, a knowing of oneself and one’s place in the world. Possessing a precious, coloured-gemstone adornment also shows success. Like high fashion, precious jewellery expresses a woman’s excellent personal taste; however, it is often much dearer than even a couture garment. When a woman has the means to obtain investment pieces that deviate from the classics and instead select items that express a mood, style or aspect of her personality, it is clear her life is blessed with good fortune.

For Evans, coloured stones are an integral part of his showcase and he acknowledges their fashion element: “Coloured gemstones have played a very important part of who we are as a business and of our profile within the jewellery industry in Australia. We constantly review what’s trending in the Asian and European markets.”

Evans predicts that Morganite will be very much on trend over the coming year but may only last another year or so as his clients shift attentions to other gemstones.
Coloured stones come in an array of cuts and shapes – smooth and sensual like a cabochon; fun and flirty like a briolette; slender and elongated like a baguette; understatedly elegant like an emerald cut; soft yet bold like a cushion cut. Fusions of various cuts and colours create a story that sparks the imagination and entices the onlooker to learn more.

Gems capture beauty as naturally as all women everywhere. As varied, vibrant and bright as a garden full of flowers, coloured gemstones also bare natural inclusions. What a superficial mind may perceive as an imperfection is actually yet another manifestation of individuality. Coloured stones remind us that nature’s beauty is all around. Beautiful women naturally want to surround themselves with this beauty and there’s no greater way than to wear it on their skin. They want others to know their beauty, to see it and then learn more about its richness.

Above all, beauty is unique, which is why a woman’s desire to include a rich selection of coloured gemstones in her jewellery collection will always shine brightly.

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