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Launched nationally in 2001 by Media Ink, Jewellery quickly became the premier publication of choice for Australia’s leading jewellery artisans to proudly flaunt their craft

Jewellery online continues to dedicate itself to the lovers and buyers of fine jewellery, in all its forms. A home for the best this country has to offer in exotically beautiful, exclusive, rare and bespoke pieces to ignite the imagination and create a sense of awe-inspiring perfection that reflects each individual wearer’s unique personality and style.

The Australian Jewellery Design Awards are dedicated to celebrating all of the above. Launched in 2017, the inaugural competition recognises the craftsmanship and diversity of Australian jewellers, highlighting not only technical precision and adherence to design fundamentals but also delving deeply into the imagination and inventiveness we’ve come to expect from Australia’s world-class jewellery design industry. To enter, or for more information about the awards click here.

Our focus is on the master designers and expert craftspeople, a place where they can showcase their work to a worldwide audience who appreciates quality, elegance, flair and class. From the unique and unusual to the classic, traditional and contemporary; stunning gems, splendid precious metals and gorgeously innovative design – Jewellery brandishes it all.

Comments, contributions, award entries and of course advertising is very welcome, so drop the team at Jewellery a line, and say hello.


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